Going back to the future

Last night Nickie and I had a ticket to the hottest party in town – the Hall & Woodhouse Brew Ha Ha. Hall & woodhouse has just opened its brand new £5 million brewery and to celebrate a 1777 inspired feast was prepared (this was the year H&W was founded)  – and many of the guests dressed up for the occasion!

When we arrived at The Crown Hotel in Blandford we were greeted by a juggler on stilts and a glass of Badger ale – of course! The feast consisted of four courses and included 1777-esq cuisine like wild boar sausages, veal porridge and a dessert of melted chocolate to drink – as was the fashion at the time apparently – Nickie and I are thinking we should bring that particular trend back!

From the food to the entertainment, the atmosphere to the company, it was an incredible evening, made all the more special by the fact that so many people dressed up in the fashion of the day.

As you can see from the photo even (from left to right) Anthony and Mark Woodhouse, Hall & Woodhouse Retail Director, David Hoare, who dressed as Napoleon, and Martin Scott, Finance Director got involved. David’s rationale for the Napoleon costume was that without Napoleon there would be no Badger ales, as Charles Hall brewed the first Badger beer for the Weymouth based troops who were fighting the Napoleonic war!

Well thank goodness for Napoleon – is all I can say!


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Let’s Jubilee

After some very busy weeks here at PPR, with royal visits, sky-diving brewers and prep for Hampton Court – we’re all very much looking forward to the long weekend ahead.

Here’s a little run-down of how the PPR team are getting into the spirit…

Claire and the family are heading off to a street party with her husband David’s parents.  Claire is looking forward to the festivities – the only drawback is the five hour car journey to Suffolk, with a two year old,  to get there- good luck Claire!

Katie is staying a little closer to home with Milborne Port’s village fete on Saturday (face paints and all, apparently!) followed by  ‘Party at the Point’ with three live bands and a bar – to cap it all off.

Roberta will be spending time with her little girl in the garden before heading to her in-laws for a street party and BBQ – where she will be joined by her hard-working husband Eddie – who is working in the day!

Jess is going to be enjoying life in the country with a double hit of Bath & West and Sherborne Castle Country Fair. In contrast, Amy and Joanne are heading up to the capital to see all the action first hand – giving Joanne a chance to see her friend – The Queen!

Nickie – never one for the quiet life, is going to be terrier racing, horse purchasing, polo watching, barbecuing, playing croquet and watching a firework display in Weymouth – not necessarily in that order!

I will be celebrating in true regal style – by attending Love Saves the Day, dance music festival in Bristol!!!!

Enjoy the long weekend!


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Is it a bird, is it a plane…..

…No it’s 75 team members from Hall & Woodhouse parachuting from 13,000 feet! Sometimes in PR you get to do something out of the ordinary, whether it’s organising The Queen’s visit to Sherborne, taking a beer garden to Hampton Court with Badger, or driving a Mini around London handing out Dorset Cereals – it’s always exciting, and Friday should be one of those days for me.

Seventy five brave souls from Hall & Woodhouse Managed Houses throughout the South have decided to throw themselves out of a plane to raise funds for Naomi House children’s hospice.  The team have been supporting Naomi House for close to a year and they are now looking to end their year on a high! (sorry, couldn’t resist that).

So on Friday I have to be up at the crack of dawn to make my way to Netheravon Airfield for a 7.30am start.  As if jumping out of a plane wasn’t hard enough, some of the jumpers have to do it before breakfast! As far as I’m aware I just need to get some action shots of them taking off and then again then when they land – I haven’t been asked to go up and get any aerial shots yet!

So look out for some fantastic action images here – and if you would like to donate any money to the cause – just click here.


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Fit for a Queen…

Watch this BBC programme from 24 mins – to see our involvement in the Royal visit, featuring Badger beer, The Uncommon Pig, Dorset Cereals, Brett from The Eastbury, Giles from Olives Et Al, Joanne and many more!

Click here to watch!

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Beer garden’s in the summer time…

Is there any better place to be in the summer than a country pub in Dorset? Well we didn’t think so and neither did Badger beer, which is why we decided to help out all those poor folk in London – by taking one to them! Badger will be the first brewery in the history of Hampton Court to have a garden at the famous flower show and we will be helping to make it all happen!

The plants for the garden, which has been designed by John Warland and Sim Flemons of Flemons Warland Design, are all now growing happily; ready to be brought to show in July.

As well as running competitions in the national press, organising caterers, arranging interesting feature pieces and liaising with the press to make sure everyone hears about the shows first ever beer garden – Nickie and Joanne will also be at the show for the week to make sure it is all running smoothly!

It is all very much top secret at the moment but one thing we can say is that there will be a Badger beer tasting area with Badger’s Head Brewer Toby – which Nickie and Joanne think it could become a crèche for all the husbands at the show!


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A birthday surprise

Over the past few week’s Katie has been helping The Gardens Group to celebrate two major milestones – the 25th birthday of Castle Gardens in Sherborne and the 20th birthday of Brimsmore Gardens in Yeovil.

Katie has been working with Mike Burks and the team at Castle Gardens every step of the way and she was right there to make sure the celebrations went off with a bang (including opening dozens of bottles of champagne)! From designing flyers and posters to attending the various celebratory events to take photos and make sure everything ran smoothly  – all this hard work meant that they certainly were two birthdays to remember.

Mike and the team from The Gardens Group sent Katie this beautiful bunch of flowers to say thanks – well what else would you expect from the gardening experts!


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Let’s go to the hop

Spring lamb, hot-cross buns, traditional simnel cake and, of course, everyone’s favourite, the chocolate Easter egg. Yep, it’s that time of year again, and as Good Friday looms we can’t help dreaming of all those delicious things we’ll be tucking into over the Easter weekend. To make sure we get in the Easter mood Kirsty’s brought in some Easter biscuits (I wonder how long they’ll last) and James is sitting at his desk wearing his fancy Easter bonnet (only joking, although now I come to think of it…). After work we will have an assortment of Easter bunnies arriving in the office for a small party, in the shape of Beatrice, Florence, Megan, Chloe and Flora –  our littlest PPR girls, aged from six months to three years. The Grain Loft is going to be hopping.

Happy Easter!


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