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It’s been an incredible year for Positive PR…..

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We had Vanessa Cuddeford, presenter of the six o’clock news on ITV Westcountry join in The Three Wishes Pancake Race…………… was flippin fantastic!

Joanne flew off with the winners of Olives Et Al’s Deli of the Year competition to pick olives by moonlight ………very romantic!

Katie helped Dorset Cereals plant 500 trees in Poundbury for the The Woodland Trust………… was good to see her branching out!

Period Homes and Interiors visited Liz Burt at her shop, Home Sweet Home Dorset …… well there’s no place like it!

We’ve helped get Southcombe Gloves onto the pages of You Magazine, Essentials and the Daily Mail ……it’s great to have a hand in getting a lovely family business noticed!

Katie and Joanne got stuck into The Green Shed project at Castle Gardens – come on baby light my fire!

Nickie took a group of national journalists and bloggers to learn how to cook with Badger beer at River Cottage …………they had a w…ale of a time!

Briony has helped Pathfinder Park Homes have one of its busiest years since it began …………..almost 60 years ago! 

And we capped it all off with a fantastic Christmas party at The Eastbury……….. no puns or jokes required with those photos!!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the PPR ers!

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Christmas lists …

As I mentioned last week, Abbie has been working with the Simply Delicious Fruit Cake Company to send out samples of their very unique birthday cakes. The cakes proved such a success that they branched out into Christmas cakes, and as a little thank you to Abbie they sent her one of her very own – but don’t worry, she shared it with all of us!

Godminster Vintage, who funnily enough use Simply Delicious Fruit Cakes for their Fruit Cake and Cheddar Cheese Combo Packs (are you following?!) have been making a lot of Christmas lists – these are not the type you send to Father Christmas though – more the ones food and drink experts build to help you shop for the foodie in your life!  Godminster’s Organic Cucumber Vodka made the Telegraph’s ‘Bottles for Christmas’ list, and their Bloody Good Mary Gift Box made Delicious Magazine’s list of ‘perfect gifts’.

Christmas came (and went!!) early at Positive PR – our tree (decorated by our Hollie….!) was surrounded by lots of gorgeous food and drink and then – it all disappeared!!  Lots of our clients and friends offered support to the Western Gazette’s ‘Win Christmas’ competition – and the lucky winner, Stacey Robbins, came to collect all her parcels from us at Positive PR.  She was overwhelmed and had to sit down – also, she is due to have her baby on 21st December so we were glad she stayed calm. It was lovely playing Father Christmas and Stacey’s car looked like a sleigh when it pulled away……..don’t worry she left us the tree!


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Beer, curry, cake and a facial – sounds like the perfect Saturday night in!

Nickie and I recently ventured up to the Guild of Beer Writers’ Dinner with the Hall and Woodhouse team and it was quite a night! A five course Indian meal with a fine ale to accompany each course!  The ales were all chosen by Zak Avery who was sat next to me on our table. Not only did we enjoy great food and great beer, but I also learnt a lot about real ale from Zak.  I managed to facebook and tweet about each beer and announce the winners of the awards as they happened but I did make one mistake, (see if you can spot it!) – well I had enjoyed a couple of fine ales by that point!

Abbie has been working with the Simply Delicious Fruit Cake Company to send out some samples of their very unique birthday cakes.  The individual cakes can be personalised and sent with a message or even a photograph and are sent directly from the Simply Delicious Fruit Cake Company – this yummy chocolate one was sent to a very happy journalist!

Everyone in the office (well besides me!) has been dreaming of Dart Marina Health Spa’s new Modern Skin Facial. Using Elemis products, the treatment replenishes the skin’s minerals and re-balances its sebum levels – I’m not quite sure what all that means but apparently it’s all very important!  Anna Mac Taggart from the Western Morning News recently experienced the facial for herself – to read all about it click here … (Warning – you may become very tempted!)


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The real truth about James!

Those of you reading this will know that this blog is normally written from James’ point of view, but while he is away on holiday, us girls (he is the only man in our office) thought it about time you knew the truth!  So over to us!

James eats EVERYTHING!!!!  As soon as a box of biscuits is open, cake sliced, cheese straws made or sandwiches bought for an office picnic, he is there and NOTHING gets left – apart from very delicious dark chocolate coated figs that Joanne brought back from her olive picking trip with Olives Et Al in Spain which he was never very keen on!

Sometimes you look over at his desk and he won’t be there, he’ll be on the FLOOR, having a quick lay down and a rest!

James LOVES Wasabi – so much so that he took a big spoonful of it at a meeting we had with a client to try a new menu – James thought it was guacamole and had to make a quick exit to stick his head under a tap!

He LOVES jokes, rapping, posing, taking the mickey out of Nickie and anyone else who happens to stop by his desk and he loves pretending to trip over, but most of all he loves Positive PR and everyone we work with (at least that’s what he tells us when he’s trying to sneak another piece of cake!).

So James – this blog is in honour of you, to tell a few home truths and to say thanks for being the honorary girl of our team!

Joanne, Briony, Abbie, Nickie, Katie, Hollie and Kirsty

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ITV join in the famous Pancake Race!

On Shrove Tuesday we helped The Three Wishes organise its now famous Pancake Race, and this year the event attracted the cameras of ITV Westcountry. Vanessa Cuddeford, presenter of the six o’clock news even took part in one of the races!

On the day we held four races, three for children and one for adults, and the high street was lined with enthusiastic supporters. Vanessa filmed with The Three Wishes’ Head Chef, Brett Sutton in the kitchen, learning how to make the perfect pancake, which she then used in the race. Vanessa even showed the race from the pancake’s view with her pan-cam!

It was a great day for all involved…… now we just have to start planning for next year! For more pictures on the BBC Dorset website click here

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Flipping mad!

Next Tuesday (Shrove Tuesday!) we will be helping The Three Wishes with its now famous Pancake Race in Cheap Street in Sherborne. The Race has proved very popular in the past, so much so that last year Head Chef at The Three Wishes Brett Sutton had to grab extra pans from The Eastbury Hotel for extra flippers! This year we hope to have even more people involved and as it is half term, for the first time we may even have a special race just for juniors! If you’re around on Tuesday at 11.00am come and join in, and if you don’t fancy running, meet us in The Three Wishes for a Pancake afterwards – don’t worry they don’t use the same ones flipped in the race!

For more click here…….. (more…)

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Giles on The One Show

On Tuesday we all enjoyed watching Giles Henschel, founder of Olives Et Al on The One Show explaining to Aldo Zilli about the rich heritage olives have in the UK. Giles featured as part of the piece on olives as they are enjoying a real renaissance in the UK and are actually being grown on British soil. Giles even showed Aldo how on the back of a 50 pence piece ‘dear old Britannia’ is actually holding an olive branch, meaning the arrival of olives in Britain actually pre-dates the old British favourite the potato! Click here to see the whole show, Giles makes his appearance on 10 mins 34.  

For more click here…….. (more…)

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