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We’re off to Hampton Court!

….and we don’t just mean to see the gardens! We are taking the Badger Ales beer garden to one of the most important events in the British calendar. The Badger Beer Garden will be the first ever garden in the show’s 23 year history to celebrate brewing and beer. Gold medal winning designers, Flemons Warland Design have already drawn up the plans so now we just need to put them all into action this summer!

Right I’m off to a ‘real’ beer garden……

Exciting times ahead!


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Pancake Day

Well, can you believe it …. it’s that time of year again already! For some people Shrove Tuesday is about eating pancakes as they use up ingredients that are traditionally restricted for Lent. For me, for  the past five years it has become synonymous with seeing children hurtling down Cheap Street like a stampede of pancake tossing wildebeest – but I wouldn’t change it for the world!

That’s right, tomorrow is The Three Wishes Pancake Race! This is the fifth year that we’ve helped Nicky, Paul and Brett organise the race and every year it’s been getting bigger, better and louder!  Although the volume increase may be caused by my liberal use of the air horn. I use it not only to start the race but also to gather the competitors, announce that the race will be happening and anything else that I can think of on the day that allows me to give it a blast, and of course I have been using it today to check that it is working!

Tomorrow at 1.30pm we will see Sherborne Abbey and Sherborne Primary school pupils going head to head, or should that be pan to pan, to see who will be crowned 2012’s fastest flipper. If you’re in the area why not come down to cheer on the flippers.  For those that can’t make it, don’t worry – I will announce the results here next week.  If any London 2012 organisers happen to be reading, we are available on a race organising consultancy basis!


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An ode to Saint Valentine’s Day

With February 14th just next week – eek!

Here’s a little ditty from Joanne’s Granddad that we think fits a food PR agency perfectly!

Of all the flowers I love the best the Lilly is a good ‘un

But the flour I love the very best is the one that makes Yorkshire Pudd’in

And here’s a quick one from me!

Roses are red but a £2.99 bunch is much better

There is a reason I’m writing this letter

I know that we’ve enjoyed some great years of marriage

But due to the time I had to get your flowers from the garage!


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Ready, steady, CookIt!

We like a challenge here at Positive PR, and as you know we love food – we also like anything that inspires young people to get busy in the kitchen (and we don’t just mean licking the spoon and cleaning out the cake bowl!). Which is why we are right behind The Guild of Food Writers’ annual CookIt! competition.

With the theme ‘Going for Gold’, they are looking for aspiring young cooks across the country to create a winning two‑course meal – main meal and pudding – for a favourite sports person (if Katie were eligible she says she’d design a meal for the Formula One racing drive Jensen Button…  hey, now that would be seriously fast food!). Entrants, aged from 10 to 14 on Friday 31 August 2012, are encouraged to let their culinary imaginations run wild (pineapple and mushroom ice-cream, anyone?), and points will be awarded for technical skill, originality, creativity and presentation. Sponsored by Gold Top and supported by Electrolux, the competition’s first prize is a week’s family holiday in Cornwall and the winning child’s school will win £100 worth of book vouchers. Six finalists will be invited to recreate their winning dishes in a gold medal cook-off at the newly designed Electrolux test kitchens in May. Know a mini Nigella or junior Jamie who might be interested? Then send their recipes and entry form to Debbie Hearn, c/o The Guild of Food Writers, 34 Greenacres, Woolton Hill, Newbury, Berkshire RG20 9TA by Friday 20 April 2012.

For more information and to download an entry form visit May the best budding young chef win!


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Busy, busy, busy

Well, here we are, almost at the end of January, and what a month it’s been. In between one new business meeting after another we’ve been rolling up our sleeves and getting stuck in on projects for existing clients. James has been up in Essex chewing the cud – I mean, having extremely high-level talks – with Shaken Udder, the fantastic milkshake brand which came online before Christmas, and Nickie has been working on a really great project which is under wraps at the moment but promises to be a show-stopper (all to be revealed in the fullness of time).

Meanwhile, Rod of Rod and Ben’s has been on ITV’s Hungry Sailors teaching Celebrity Masterchef finalist Dick Strawbridge (in the photo above with Rod – on the right!) and his son James the ways of his organic farm in Devon. It was filmed back in the summer, and was great to see Rod out harvesting potatoes in his tractor and picking basil and courgettes in the polytunnels with the boys, then judging their soups along with his farm team (mind you, their soups didn’t look a patch on Rod’s – but then we’re biased). Bickham Farm looked as pretty as a picture in the June sunshine, and we couldn’t help notice that Titch the dog was a natural in front of the cameras (not unlike Rick Stein’s Chalky). If you missed the TV show that aired last Friday at 4pm we’ve thoughtfully sorted out the itvplayer link below. Think of it as a belated Christmas present.


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We’re feeling GOOD!!

So the Christmas trees, holly and tinsel  are down and packed away for another year (or at least they should be by now, unless of course you don’t believe in all that stuff about Twelfth Night bringing bad luck). The turkey and bread sauce now seem a distant culinary memory; that frantic last-minute gift buying in the run-up to Christmas a blur you’re glad you won’t have to face for another year. There’s something very satisfying about starting a new year  – 365 whole days of opportunity lie ahead.  Here at the Grain Loft we can’t wait to get our teeth in to lots of exciting new campaigns to get our clients great coverage.  To coin Nina Simone (tries to sing, but thinks better of it): “It’s new dawn, it’s a new day….ooooooooh,  and we’re feeling GOOD!!”


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