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A Very Merry Christmas from Positive PR

We know everyone likes to open a card at Christmas, but this year we have decided to donate instead to the charity Leukaemia Research. Katie suggested this particular charity and we think it was a very good suggestion. So we are posting this message instead.  With a dusting of glitter. And a Robin. Oh, and a Snowman too.  And one of those choirs in old fashioned clothes.      

 We wish you a Merry Christmas!

 Joanne, Briony, Abbie, Mandy, Katie, James, Nickie and Hollie.

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Christmas at The Eastbury


Last night was our Positive PR Christmas Party and it went off with a bang! After some relaxing drinks in the  The Eastbury Hotel’s smart lounge, we made our way through to the restaurant.  As each party, at their respective tables, pulled Christmas crackers and obligingly donned their paper hats Joanne had other ideas for our group!

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The Crystal Man

Sherborne looked at its very best last Sunday with over 90 twinkling Christmas trees up and down the Town – even though it rained a tiny bit, everyone stayed to see the steam traction engines, the choirs and the bands.  But the highlight for some was The Crystal Man who tried to sneak under the umbrellas of unsuspecting shoppers! The farmers’ market was a-buzz and the cafes were full to bursting. This was all organised by the Sherborne Chamber of Trade with a little help from a few friends…

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Down on the Farm…

This week Briony and I went to see Dan Wood at Blackacre Farm Eggs to welcome the arrival of Dan’s 4000 new hens. As you can see from the picture I came fully prepared for the country life! After stepping in a lot of good old Somerset mud I decided to roll my (brand new!) trousers up – which provided great amusement for Dan, Briony and the pecking hens!

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Turning on the lights!

As we now ‘live’ on South Street in Sherborne we get our very own Christmas Tree which arrived this week. It was a wonderful occasion marked by the ‘switching on of the lights’. Instead of getting a local celebrity we decided Joanne should do it, and after she tried and failed to operate the ‘health and safety fire switch’ I took over….and after I tried and failed Hollie took over, and on the fifth attempt they came on!

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