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Going back to the future

Last night Nickie and I had a ticket to the hottest party in town – the Hall & Woodhouse Brew Ha Ha. Hall & woodhouse has just opened its brand new £5 million brewery and to celebrate a 1777 inspired feast was prepared (this was the year H&W was founded)  – and many of the guests dressed up for the occasion!

When we arrived at The Crown Hotel in Blandford we were greeted by a juggler on stilts and a glass of Badger ale – of course! The feast consisted of four courses and included 1777-esq cuisine like wild boar sausages, veal porridge and a dessert of melted chocolate to drink – as was the fashion at the time apparently – Nickie and I are thinking we should bring that particular trend back!

From the food to the entertainment, the atmosphere to the company, it was an incredible evening, made all the more special by the fact that so many people dressed up in the fashion of the day.

As you can see from the photo even (from left to right) Anthony and Mark Woodhouse, Hall & Woodhouse Retail Director, David Hoare, who dressed as Napoleon, and Martin Scott, Finance Director got involved. David’s rationale for the Napoleon costume was that without Napoleon there would be no Badger ales, as Charles Hall brewed the first Badger beer for the Weymouth based troops who were fighting the Napoleonic war!

Well thank goodness for Napoleon – is all I can say!


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There’s a real buzz about the place!

You might think that we can’t wait to get away from Dorset given the amount of time we spend travelling here, there and everywhere – but we love this place really! This week alone Briony and I were in North London at Jamie Oliver HQ for a meeting on jme (Jamie’s new range of deli products) and  Katie and Joanne are in Clapham today learning all about the beautiful kitchen products offered by Chomette (their idea of heaven!). On Monday I will be in Shoreditch for a photo shoot for Godminster and then on Friday, Abbie and I are travelling to Devon to visit Rod and Ben’s organic Farm, with a little detour to Dartmouth, to say hello to Paul, Chris and the gang at Dart Marina on the way home ….phew!!

I can assure you that we really do love this place though – but wherever we’re needed – that’s where we’ll be – we’re sort of PR super heroes (well that may just be in my head lol!)

Back here in sunny Sherborne, I had to bee very careful (sorry!) on a visit to see Brett Sutton, Head Chef at The Eastbury.  He was having two bee hives installed in the bottom of The Eastbury’s Walled Garden so that he can serve only Eastbury honey to guests at the Hotel and The Three Wishes bistro in Cheap Street.  It was fascinating learning all about keeping bees and in fact it was a lot less scary than I had anticipated! I think that as a chef, Brett’s efforts and commitment to serving the most local food possible to his guests is hard to compete with, and I tasted the honey myself – it was bee –autiful (last one I promise!)


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Marcus Trescothick visits Blackacre Farm!

Blackacre Farm Eggs has been sponsoring Somerset County Cricket Club for a number of years now and this year they are getting involved in a cricket ticket giveaway. I went up to Blackacre Farm to take some snaps of Dan and Vicky Wood from Blackacre with Somerset player Marcus Trescothick, and the real stars, Blackacre’s hens!

From March, every pack of Blackacre eggs will have a special code meaning you can buy Twenty20 tickets for just £10 – see packs for details!

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