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It’s amazing what you can find……

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Nickie, Kirsty and the Badger (well Anna and Rachel from Badger beer) recently went foraging – and this is what they found….

In the morning they all met nice and early, the pain of which was eased with flasks of piping hot ‘wobbly’ coffees on arrival.  Foraging expert John Wright (of River Cottage fame) then explained to the whole gang – including Fergus, Editor of BBC Countryfile; Nick, Editor of Country Walking Magazine; Claire, from Beer Magazine; Steve, creator of the Beer Justice blog; and Susanne from Dorset Magazine what they had planned for the day.

First off they made their way to Chesil Beach, where they managed to find ,and taste, rock samphire, sea purslane and sea beet.

Then it was a short trip to the Crab House Café for a quick spot of lunch (it’s amazing how fast you can eat when the tide is against you – literally). After some fish fight soup, potted crab with mace and deep fried mackerel fillets, all washed down with some Badger’s England’s Own, our intrepid foragers were back out onto the beach.

In the afternoon they caught razor clams, by pouring salt into their holes in the sand, waiting for them to pop out, then with a firm hand gently pulling them out. Then John organised a big cook up on an open fire (well a camping stove –but you get the idea!).  Into a huge pan went the rock samphire, sea purslane and sea beet, followed by the razor clams and lashings of butter- delicious.

After a hard day’s foraging they all headed back to The Bull in Bridport, where they were met by Joanne, holding a tray of Golden Glory mulled ales – to warm their cockles, before an evening of Badger inspired bites. From beef and ale (Fursty Ferret) pie, to crab bisque made with Hopping Hare, it was a wonderful menu to finish a wonderful day-  all capped off with a few more bottles of Badger of course!


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Oh what a night ….

The Great Taste Awards’ Dinner was quite a night for so many reasons, but not least because of the award picked up by Denhay – crowned Best Speciality from the South West for the dry cured unsmoked organic back bacon they produce for Duchy Originals – and it was much deserved – (ok, we may be biased, but it is simply incredible bacon!)

Some awards are a one off, a flash in the pan, but for Denhay this is simply the very latest in a long line that really sets their bacon apart. Since 2000, Denhay Bacon has picked up 92 awards – and 48 of these have been the top gong, a coveted Gold award for taste and quality.  Denhay has a trophy cabinet that would make Sir Alex Ferguson green with envy!

From Great Taste Awards and Taste of the West Awards, to  Bacon Connoisseurs’ Awards and awards from county shows and farming industry awards – you name it Denhay has won it – and for good reason.  If you’ve ever tasted Denhay bacon I’m sure you’ll agree, but if you haven’t……….. what are you doing reading this?! Pop to the shops now to get your hands on some, and be prepared to have the greatest bacon sandwich of your life!

Another big winner on the night was The Arch House Deli, which is in Clifton Village in Bristol – which won the title of Deli of the Year 2011 – a competition created, organised and run by the dedicated team at Olives Et Al. It was a hard fought competition involving hundreds of delis up and down the UK, and several rounds of rigorous judging (we know because Joanne was there alongside the judges when they were rigorously judging!).

Following all the rounds of judging, a mystery shopper and an evening on the edge of their seats (squeaky bum time!) at the Great Taste Awards dinner, the couple who own and run the Arch House Deli Debbie Atherton and David Greenman enjoyed a great night of celebrations followed by lots of lovely press coverage for their fabulous deli including………interviews on BBC Bristol, ITV Westcountry News, Western Daily Press, and big drum roll, building tension now, a fantastic double page spread in The Times!!!   Congratulations!


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Bangers, crumble and pie

Why is it that making sausages is guaranteed to bring out the naughty in people?  Is it the temptation to go all Carry On and say ‘OOOO er madam, that’s a big fat one?’ Or is it just the sight of someone trying not to burst out laughing while the sausage machine works its merry way to a corker of a banger!  Whatever it is – the photo of Joanne making sausages captures the moment perfectly!  This was taken at a Slow Food Dorset event ( and the press have picked up on the photo – as you can see!

Also, talking food again……we are getting ready to Share the Love (not in a sixties commune sort of way!) but by making apple crumbles to celebrate delicious magazine’s Share the Love Day (24th September). We will each make two apple crumbles using apples from Joanne’s orchard (well she says orchard, I say one single apple tree- but it is bursting with Bramley’s!).

The idea then is that you bring them in and swap them with everyone at work (which is great for me because swapping my attempt at a crumble with say Joanne’s or Hollie’s will be like swapping a banged up old  Ford Fiesta for a brand new Ferrari!!) We might even bring some around the corner to Liz, Hannah, Shelley, and Nicky, Paul and Brett at The Eastbury. We’ll really want to keep them all but THAT IS NOT THE IDEA!!!!!!

A few weeks ago Joanne and Katie went to France to meet the team at Emile Henry (makers of the most beautiful kitchen ware) – and while they were there they made their own little pie dishes!  Katie used her dish this week to make a pretty impressive pie! Watch out Delia……….


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Going for GOLD!

Our wonderful bunch of clients have won a total of 31 Taste of the West Awards between them – a treasure trove in fact!!!

Denhay Bacon alone has been awarded a staggering EIGHT GOLD MEDALS!  So along with Dorset Cereals, Olives Et Al,  Rod & Ben’s, Fussels, House of Dorchester, Manna from Devon – we say THREE CHEERS for brilliant west country producers!

Claire has hit the ground running as they say with Sherborne Girls – and we are all pleased to be working with the really enthusiastic and dedicated team there to plan the opening of the School’s incredible £2.5 million state-of-the-art Science Centre.

The official unveiling by renowned neuroscientist Baroness Greenfield CBE coincides with a week-long science festival with a packed schedule of talks and activities. It promises to be quite an event – and proves Sherborne Girls’ commitment to investing in the sciences. So we’re planning a whizz bang opening event – watch this space….


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On the farm…..

If someone were to offer you a chance to spend the weekend staying on a working farm you might be thinking – I’d rather go to a nice boutique hotel or a spa – but you’d be seriously missing out if it was a Farm Stay UK farm.

Some of them have Jacuzzis and four poster beds, indoor swimming pools, saunas and tennis courts – Farm Stay UK’s farms are not your average working farms. One of the farm’s bedrooms are actually built in a converted pig sty – but don’t let that put you off – it’s five star accommodation, I promise that if you give it a go you will be as happy as a pig in …. well very happy indeed!

Katie has been talking with lots different journalists about Farm Stay UK and she also organised for  Kate Carter from The Guardian to go with her family to experience staying on a farm, Farm Stay UK style – read all about her experience here.

Just imagine – waking to the sound of a hen clucking and eating a boiled egg and soldiers before a long walk in the countryside, an afternoon snooze and a dip in the Jacuzzi.  Now that’s what I call farming.


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Water difference Denhay makes………..

This week the EU made a surprisingly good decision regarding food! Legislation is being proposed that would make it mandatory to re-label bacon as ‘bacon with added water’ if it contains more than 5% added water – half the current 10% allowed under UK law.

It may or may not come as a surprise to you that bacon has up to 10% added water – but fear not, truly irresistible bacon that tastes like it used to (well to me the watery stuff was ‘how it used to taste’ – but you get the picture!) is available from our friends at Denhay.

Denhay bacon spends 10 days in its dry salt cure and another 10 days slowly maturing  – so what you’re buying with Denhay is just delicious bacon – and it is delicious!

George Streatfeild from Denhay has been curing bacon this way for years, which is part of the reason that both BBC Radio 2 and the Guardian Word of Mouth blog asked for George’s thoughts on the new legislation (the other part being Nickie telling them they should ask George as he’s the expert!) .  To hear what George thinks (for the next few days until it goes offline) click hear and listen on 1.34.52 and to read the Guardian Word of Mouth blog click here.

If you don’t want to know how much water you’re buying when you pick up a pack of cheap bacon then look away now…….well actually look away in about 2015 when the legislation comes in  – they’re a speedy bunch in Brussels!


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Up and away

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We get to do some pretty exciting things in the average week here at PPR , but last Wednesday afternoon I went to visit the Jordanian Royal Air Force at Yeovilton, so you could say that it was slightly more exciting than the average Wednesday!!

Brian Keene, MD of Loders Motor Group, is a real aviation enthusiast and Loders likes to lend full support to the recent air day in any way it can.  The Jordanians were here to perform their aerial aerobatics display which was really well received. To make sure the pilots didn’t have to stay ‘grounded’ for long, Loders lent the team two brand new Volkswagen people carriers, so they could get out and about.

Brian and I not only got to meet the pilots, who were incredibly friendly and funny, but we also got to see all sorts of aircraft up close, before they took off, as you can see in the pictures.  I was even offered the chance to sit in the cock pit, but as I am known to be somewhat heavy handed, I thought it best not risk climbing in and out – just before they took off!

James .

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