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Fit for a Queen…

Watch this BBC programme from 24 mins – to see our involvement in the Royal visit, featuring Badger beer, The Uncommon Pig, Dorset Cereals, Brett from The Eastbury, Giles from Olives Et Al, Joanne and many more!

Click here to watch!

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Beer garden’s in the summer time…

Is there any better place to be in the summer than a country pub in Dorset? Well we didn’t think so and neither did Badger beer, which is why we decided to help out all those poor folk in London – by taking one to them! Badger will be the first brewery in the history of Hampton Court to have a garden at the famous flower show and we will be helping to make it all happen!

The plants for the garden, which has been designed by John Warland and Sim Flemons of Flemons Warland Design, are all now growing happily; ready to be brought to show in July.

As well as running competitions in the national press, organising caterers, arranging interesting feature pieces and liaising with the press to make sure everyone hears about the shows first ever beer garden – Nickie and Joanne will also be at the show for the week to make sure it is all running smoothly!

It is all very much top secret at the moment but one thing we can say is that there will be a Badger beer tasting area with Badger’s Head Brewer Toby – which Nickie and Joanne think it could become a crèche for all the husbands at the show!


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A birthday surprise

Over the past few week’s Katie has been helping The Gardens Group to celebrate two major milestones – the 25th birthday of Castle Gardens in Sherborne and the 20th birthday of Brimsmore Gardens in Yeovil.

Katie has been working with Mike Burks and the team at Castle Gardens every step of the way and she was right there to make sure the celebrations went off with a bang (including opening dozens of bottles of champagne)! From designing flyers and posters to attending the various celebratory events to take photos and make sure everything ran smoothly  – all this hard work meant that they certainly were two birthdays to remember.

Mike and the team from The Gardens Group sent Katie this beautiful bunch of flowers to say thanks – well what else would you expect from the gardening experts!


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Let’s go to the hop

Spring lamb, hot-cross buns, traditional simnel cake and, of course, everyone’s favourite, the chocolate Easter egg. Yep, it’s that time of year again, and as Good Friday looms we can’t help dreaming of all those delicious things we’ll be tucking into over the Easter weekend. To make sure we get in the Easter mood Kirsty’s brought in some Easter biscuits (I wonder how long they’ll last) and James is sitting at his desk wearing his fancy Easter bonnet (only joking, although now I come to think of it…). After work we will have an assortment of Easter bunnies arriving in the office for a small party, in the shape of Beatrice, Florence, Megan, Chloe and Flora –  our littlest PPR girls, aged from six months to three years. The Grain Loft is going to be hopping.

Happy Easter!


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Top dogs at the Country Living Spring Fair

At Positive PR we like to really become part of our clients’ teams, from swinging shovels at Chelsea Flower Show for Dorset Cereals, to cooking fry-ups and pulling pints for journalists for Badger – we always answer the call!

So with that in mind last Friday I went to work with Laughing Dog on their stand at the Country Living Spring Fair. You may wonder why our favourite dog food brand would choose to be at a show filled with gorgeous bunting and other spotty things, artisan food and unique knitted things to wear and for the home – well let’s just say that the Laughing Dog team like to be different!

From the fact that they bake all their dog food instead of making it in a pressure cooker (which almost all the other brands do!) using ingredients grown on their farm, to the fact that they choose to go to shows attended by people they know will really want the very best for their four legged friends!

Despite the glorious weather up in London the show was very well attended and everyone that we spoke to loved having a good old chin ‘wag’ about their dog. We managed to chat to every dog lover that came past the stand and we gave out lots of samples and money off vouchers for Laughing Dog. This week a lot of the vouchers have been redeemed which shows that the dogs enjoyed the free samples – of course we knew they would!

To cap off a great show for Laughing Dog,  Brian who we work with at Laughing dog was invited onto BBC Radio London’s Barking at the Moon show. It’s the largest dedicated dog radio show in the country with 300,000 listeners and Brian had a great time joining in – he even had to give the team his best woof – live on air!

James .

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There was a great turn out last week to see Jim’s photographs at The Gryphon – it was amazing to see the town in all its glory at The Face of Sherborne exhibition!

Joanne went searching for our lovely old Grain Loft and she found it after stumbling across Home Sweet Home Dorset, The Eastbury and a picture of a workshop down an alley somewhere in the town  that reminded her of Diagon Alley.  No wands there just a lovely lady mending something precious – the photo was brilliant. Well done Jim – great photos and an amazing collection for people to enjoy for years to come.



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We loved this photo – our friends Debbie and Dave at Arch House Deli in Clifton Village in Bristol sent it to us, as these little rabbits have taken over their deli window!  Arch House Deli won Olives Et Al’s Deli of the Year competition last year and the search is just about to start for the 2012 winner – watch this space for more info, and in the meantime we’ll keep you updated on how many bunnies take over the window at Debbie and Dave’s!  And, if you ever need a good joke, go and see Dave as he is full of Dad jokes!


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