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Jam packed…….


This bank holiday weekend was jam packed, not just in terms of recreational exploits for us, but in terms of great coverage for our clients too! Highlights included …… Jme and Olives Et Al salad dressings in BBC Good Food, a beautiful Rösle grater in the Telegraph Weekend section and Captain Tiptoes in The Sun’s Buzz magazine and Vegetarian Living – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Before the long weekend Nickie had been keeping herself very busy. One of her trips I can tell you about – she spent the previous weekend at the Beer Bloggers’ conference  with Badger, at which she learned even more about beer  (and I thought she knew all there was to know!) Nickie’s second trip was a bit more hush, hush – she spent Wednesday at Chelsea flower show doing ‘research’ for a certain client – I’d love to tell you more but I’ve been sworn to secrecy – you’ll just have to watch this space to find out more!


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We’re really excited to have recently started work with Jme – a new food range created exclusively for the independent food sector in collaboration with Jamie Oliver.  Jamie and his team of food experts have worked with artisan food producers; some of the very best in the biz; including our very good friends Olives Et Al, to create a delicious range of new food products, from store cupboard staples to gorgeous gifts.  A real favourite of ours is ‘Real’ Tomato Ketchup – it makes even the humble bacon sarnie something a bit special.

We’re not the only ones who think the range is top notch though, journalists from BBC Good Food Magazine, Good Housekeeping and Red to the Sunday Express and the Independent all thought the samples they received were delicious – take a look Red Magazine’s website to find out a little more about the range ….. and look out for lots of lovely stories coming to a magazine shelf near you on Jme!!

If you want to try Jme for yourself it’s available from delis up and down the country.  For a full list of stockists – take a look here. 


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A cut above………

When we begin work with a new client they often ask us about press cutting services – which here at PPR we ‘very affectionately’ call Hollie!

Not only does Hollie keep the office ticking along beautifully, but a major part of her role here is to trawl through hundreds of newspapers, magazines, and websites every week to make sure that she spots any mentions of our clients – and yes we do know that there are cuttings services out there – and we use them too!

Hollie has an eagle eye and sniffs out tiny mentions as well as the big meaty pieces.  Our local newsagent likes us a lot and every day Hollie gets the papers, sticks her colourful post its on pages we need to read – and then recycles everything.  So, on-line, off-line, or any which way you like – our Hollie is the press cutting service (and she doesn’t miss much!).

This week alone Hollie has read and stickered The Grocer, delicious magazine, Stylist magazine, Daily Mail, Sunday Mail, Hotel Business, Woman & Home, BBC Good Food, Period Ideas, as well as regional papers, websites, and much, much, more besides!

The office couldn’t function without this vital work being done, but it does mean that each week we are left with a lot of papers and magazines, which we recycle of course, but we are trying to go one step further. From next week we are going to donate our magazines to the local dentist’s waiting room………….. and I’m even thinking about getting some hamsters for the office so we can make use of all the left over newspaper as well!


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The Sherborne Easter bunny

Collectively at PPR there are about nine various types of diets, fads and health kicks being adhered to (which is quite a lot for only eight people!), so Joanne, aka the Sherborne Easter bunny, very kindly got us all a little gift to celebrate Easter – as an alternative to diet/fad ruining chocolate Easter eggs! (Don’t worry we had loads at home!)

As I’m saving up for my first house I received the ‘Capitalist Pig’ piggy bank! All black and complete with white chalk, with which I have written ‘house fund’ down the side.  I have decided to place it in a communal area at home – I’m even thinking of adding in chalk – ‘donations welcome!’

Nickie received her very own tea cup stating – ‘I’d rather be drinking champagne!’, Kirsty’s said ‘I’d rather be buying handbags’, Hollie, according to her mug would rather be buying shoes, and Abbie’s very aptly said she’d rather be at the beach – she’s less materialistic you see! Lol!

Briony received her very own piggy bank, but it is blue and spotty, and Katie received the very apt, designer chopping board shown in the picture, as she is a real kitchenware junky!

They will certainly last a lot longer than chocolate eggs would have!


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This Easter we will be mostly…

As with most people up and down the Country there is only one topic of conversation here at PPR – and that’s our plans for the Easter weekend…..

Kirsty is planning to have a chilled weekend, but has specified that on Sunday she will be eating chocolate for breakfast and sun bathing …

Abbie will be spending as much time as possible on the beach at Burton Bradstock……

Joanne is planning a road trip oop North, t’see  t’family in t’Leeds …. That’s how they talk up there, I think! (but not Joanne who says she is posh…..and going to Betty’s for a Fat Rascal)

Briony will be spending time on the farm with Beatrice and Dan…..and thousands of eggs of the yolky kind..

Katie has to revise for her finals – but assures me there will be lots of cider breaks squeezed in!!

Hollie has a big BBQ planned for all her friends…..

Nickie has 22 over for Sunday lunch!!!  Including ….. nine adults, six kids, four dogs, and three ponies!!

I have a huge footy match planned for Saturday afternoon – it’s looking like it’ll be about 15 a-side at this rate – and I’m sure we’ll enjoy a few ceremonial beverages to toast the match afterwards!!

Whatever you have planned, have a great Easter break everyone!!


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A little something to brighten up your day…

For some it’s drawing back the curtains to reveal a sunny day, for others it’s making your journey to work without being stopped by a single red light, for me it’s the deli around the corner having a soupe-du-jour that I like!!

Lots of different things can brighten up your day and the Guardian online likes to give everyone a little helping hand with its ‘Buy of the Day’ – a simple recommendation of something lovely each day of the week.  The Guardian’s picks are always a hot topic of conversation in the office ….. never more so than when it’s one of our clients’ products that’s being recommended!

Most recently there’s been……

Peugeot’s beautiful pepper mill, which is touch sensitive so you can grind with one hand!

Rod and Ben’s new Organic Tomato and Courgette soup – which we can confirm is as delicious as they describe!

 and…. Dorset Cereals’ Marmalade Granola – which caused a big stir here at breakfast – it was gone in no time!!

It’s a great site to take a look at each day if you’re looking for something a bit different to liven up your day.


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The big smoke

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Last Monday I met Richard Hollingbery (owner, creator, and driving force behind Godminster) in Shoreditch for a photo shoot of delicious Godminster products for their new website.  It was a fascinating day and it really is magical to witness the time, care and attention lavished to make sure that the food photographed looks as good as it tastes.

Godminster’s whole range was photographed and each composition was created using an equal amount of dedication to finding just the right angle, light and positioning.  Godminster will be revealing the new photography on their brand new website very soon (I will post the link on here when it goes live) but until then, the slide show above gives a little sneak of the corner of some of the best shots to give you a taster!

As I mentioned on the last blog, Katie and Joanne went to Rösle for training on Friday at Chomette in Clapham.  The day started with a history lesson and ended with Katie peeling a cucumber!  They made potato wedges, crushed garlic, grated chocolate, cracked eggs, peeled tomatoes, sliced a pineapple, (bit of a strange recipe!) made some retro fruit cups – filled with melon balls and even made a mouse out of a radish using the Rösle decorating knife – just  another normal Friday afternoon then! Overall they left with one opinion – Rösle products are awesome!

This week is the official launch of Olive Et Al’s Deli of the Year competition. It’s not just about delis in the traditional sense though – it’s about the deli attitude  –  which is why the competition is open to delis, farm shops, village shops, post offices with a deli counter – anywhere with the deli attitude!  To find out more about the competition and to place your vote, visit the Deli of the Year website – here.


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