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A picture speaks a thousand words

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So here’s about 5,000 – all about James’ birthday, Kirsty’s birthday and Wear it Pink Day!

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An olive tree and an olive feast

At the end of the Olives Et Al Deli of the Year competition, our happy gang set off from Heathrow on Friday to travel to the Extremadura region of Spain – we were off to pick olives by moonlight! 

The Full Moon Olive Harvest is a magical experience organised by the wonderful family who make Naturvie Extra Virgin Olive Oil   – we feasted on local food in the sunshine and gathered olives until the Full Moon appeared.  Then more feasting and dancing until the small hours!  Our hosts were Fernando, Victoria and Alfonso and the family olive farm is called El Hoyo – basically we were in a hole surrounded by mountains!

Amongst the ancient olive trees – some at least 200 years old – there was total peace and quiet, broken only by the occasional cheer as we filled another macaca (named after a little monkey!) basket that swung from our necks.  Look at Giles emptying his and me with my newly planted olive tree (top photo) – I plan to go back to pick olives as soon as my tree starts to fruit!  


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The gloves are off!

The PPR team have been working their socks off over the past few weeks to achieve some great coverage….well in Abbie’s case it’s more ‘working her gloves off!’ Southcombe Gloves’  Nappa Leather Driving Gloves were featured in all their colourful glory in Mimi Spencer’s Fashion for Life page of the Mail on Sunday’s You magazine. To see the gloves for yourself – click here. As well as that Dorset Cereals was featured in the Sunday Times, and my very own Christchurch Harbour Hotel was in Hello Magazine!

We’ve just waved a tearful goodbye to our fearless leader Joanne – perhaps it was a bit melodramatic as she is only away for one weekend to go olive picking with the Olives Et Al gang, but still it was a sad moment! She will be spending her evenings picking olives by moonlight in the Extremadura region of Spain along with the winners of Olives Et Al’s Deli of the Year competition – magical.

The autumnal months mean one thing at PPR – Birthdays – we’ve eaten more cake than Mr Kipling and it’s not over yet. After Katie’s and Hollies in quick succession we have mine, then Kirsty’s on the 4th November still to look forward to – after that it’s a quiet couple of weeks before we start shopping for our secret Santa pressies!


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Green fingers…..

We would like to congratulate Nicky and Paul King at The Eastbury Hotel who were recently awarded Silver for their green fingers. In this case it wasn’t actually their gardening skills being alluded to but their commitment to the environment. One of the key features highlighted was the prominence of local sourcing.  From the chefs, who grow veg in the walled garden of The Eastbury, to the house keepers (seen modelling in the picture!) who only use ‘Guarantee’ the great little laundrette in Sherborne, they do all they can to keep it local and therefore reduce the hotels carbon footprint.

Good work guys!

Joanne has recently returned from Majorca – in a peaceful valley surrounded by oranges and lemons – she found Nirvana – a plate of beetroot with pesto!  Eaten in the sunshine, underneath a vine, at the beautiful Hotel Salvia.

 Her next ’working’ trip involves picking olives by moonlight in the Extremadura region of Spain.  This is part of Olives Et Al’s Deli of the Year competition prize and the olive picking team are hoping for a bumper harvest!  Photos to follow…..but this is one taken on the last full moon trip.

Sue Fudge, the matriarch of the Fudges family, and one of the key creative inspirations at the bakery was recently asked for her thoughts on home baking by The Telegraph – click here to read her thoughts – and for more from Sue take a look at her blog ……’taking the biscuit.’

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Famous Five meet a famous one!

As I recently mentioned, Joanne, Katie and Nickie went along to the premiere of Tamara Drewe at Bridport’s Electric Palace to help promote the Dorset Famous Five. In the photo above you can see Posy Simmonds, author of the original comic-book series in the Guardian, on which the film is based, with one of the Dorset Famous Five Goodie bags.

Apparently they went down a storm at the premier, well who wouldn’t prefer, fair trade tea from Clipper, award winning cheese from Denhay, mini packs of Dorset Cereals, Golden Champion real ale from Badger and delicious olives from Olives Et Al, to an overpriced bag of pop-corn and a measly bag of Maltesers!

Tonight there’s another big event for the PPR team. Katie and Joanne have been working really hard on a project with Castle Gardens in Sherborne to open The Green Shed. The Green Shed, which has been funded by local body Chalk + Cheese, is situated at the back of Castle Gardens and will initially be open for three days a week.  During this time, adults with learning difficulties in the area will be able to use the new workshop to continue and further develop community recycling projects, including plant pot recycling, wood recycling, compost making and veggie growing.

Tonight the Mayor of Sherborne and everyone involved in the project will be attending the opening, before a special open morning tomorrow – Saturday 2nd October (9.30am – 12.00pm) to mark the occasion – everyone is welcome!!


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Tamara Drewe

Tonight the Dorset Famous Five team is amongst the glitterati of Dorset for the premiere of Tamara Drewe at Bridport’s Electric Palace. Based on the Posy Simmonds comic-book series in the Guardian, the film stars Bill Camp, Dominic Cooper, Gemma Arterton and most importantly the beautiful Dorset countryside.

Joanne, Katie and Nickie will be in attendance to give out bags full of Famous Five goodies – fair trade tea from Clipper, award winning cheese from Denhay, mini packs of Dorset Cereals, Golden Champion real ale from Badger and delicious olives from Olives Et Al – and of course they will also enjoy one of the most hotly anticipated British films of the year, so it’s not all hard work!!

We do a lot of online activity with Badger on the Badger Sett Ale Club website which is good fun. For the past few months the web designers have been giving the club a bit of a face lift and it’s finally finished. We now have an all singing, all dancing Badger Sett Ale Club 2.0…..or are we on 3.0 now? Well whatever number denotes really, really good, that’s what it is!! Click here to see for yourself.

Nickie is now working with a wonderful organic producer, Godminster Vintage.  As well as speaking with all the right people in the press, and getting out samples so that everyone can taste the delicious cheeses, crackers and flavoured vodkas for themselves, she has also been working on some new photography which we all love.


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