Beer garden’s in the summer time…

April 27, 2012 at 4:31 pm Leave a comment

Is there any better place to be in the summer than a country pub in Dorset? Well we didn’t think so and neither did Badger beer, which is why we decided to help out all those poor folk in London – by taking one to them! Badger will be the first brewery in the history of Hampton Court to have a garden at the famous flower show and we will be helping to make it all happen!

The plants for the garden, which has been designed by John Warland and Sim Flemons of Flemons Warland Design, are all now growing happily; ready to be brought to show in July.

As well as running competitions in the national press, organising caterers, arranging interesting feature pieces and liaising with the press to make sure everyone hears about the shows first ever beer garden – Nickie and Joanne will also be at the show for the week to make sure it is all running smoothly!

It is all very much top secret at the moment but one thing we can say is that there will be a Badger beer tasting area with Badger’s Head Brewer Toby – which Nickie and Joanne think it could become a crèche for all the husbands at the show!


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