Stretch that streaky

November 25, 2011 at 4:52 pm Leave a comment

Amid all the festive talk in the office about making our own mincemeat for mince pies (Hollie) and whether chestnuts are a good idea with brussel sprouts (Katie – soon to give Nigella a run for her money in the kitchen), there is also the question of whether you should wrap your turkey in bacon for Christmas. Delia says yes, and we’re right behind her (as we are on most things).

The idea is that the bacon acts like a snug little scarf, wrapping it up and sealing in the moisture, so the turkey meat is juicy, succulent and melt-in-the-mouth instead of dry, cardboardy and reminiscent of a cream-cracker-eating contest. Nickie, our resident Denhay bacon expert, contends that it has to be the right bacon, though – none of your flabby back bacon that leaks water and foam and is beloved of motorway caffs; only the best salt-cured streaky will do. And it’s worth paying a little bit more for the decent stuff like Denhay’s Spoiltpig. After all, it is Christmas Day. You’ve worked hard all year. Spoil yourself – be a spoilt pig.

You’ll also need a bit left over for your pigs in blankets. A little goes a long way because the tip is to stretch that streaky as far as you can without breaking it before wrapping it around your stubby little chipolatas. And back on the subject of making your own mincemeat for mince pies as Hollie plans to do this Christmas, I’ve heard that for lesser mortals an almost similar homemade effect can be achieved by sloshing a bit of sherry and some toasted almonds into a shop-bought jar. Not as impressive as saying you made it yourself, but a touch more impressive than saying it came straight off the shelves of your local supermarket, untouched by human hand. I, for one, might be giving that a whirl when the mince pie season descends upon us.


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