Bangers, crumble and pie

September 2, 2011 at 3:07 pm Leave a comment

Why is it that making sausages is guaranteed to bring out the naughty in people?  Is it the temptation to go all Carry On and say ‘OOOO er madam, that’s a big fat one?’ Or is it just the sight of someone trying not to burst out laughing while the sausage machine works its merry way to a corker of a banger!  Whatever it is – the photo of Joanne making sausages captures the moment perfectly!  This was taken at a Slow Food Dorset event ( and the press have picked up on the photo – as you can see!

Also, talking food again……we are getting ready to Share the Love (not in a sixties commune sort of way!) but by making apple crumbles to celebrate delicious magazine’s Share the Love Day (24th September). We will each make two apple crumbles using apples from Joanne’s orchard (well she says orchard, I say one single apple tree- but it is bursting with Bramley’s!).

The idea then is that you bring them in and swap them with everyone at work (which is great for me because swapping my attempt at a crumble with say Joanne’s or Hollie’s will be like swapping a banged up old  Ford Fiesta for a brand new Ferrari!!) We might even bring some around the corner to Liz, Hannah, Shelley, and Nicky, Paul and Brett at The Eastbury. We’ll really want to keep them all but THAT IS NOT THE IDEA!!!!!!

A few weeks ago Joanne and Katie went to France to meet the team at Emile Henry (makers of the most beautiful kitchen ware) – and while they were there they made their own little pie dishes!  Katie used her dish this week to make a pretty impressive pie! Watch out Delia……….


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