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July 29, 2011 at 3:45 pm Leave a comment

This week the EU made a surprisingly good decision regarding food! Legislation is being proposed that would make it mandatory to re-label bacon as ‘bacon with added water’ if it contains more than 5% added water – half the current 10% allowed under UK law.

It may or may not come as a surprise to you that bacon has up to 10% added water – but fear not, truly irresistible bacon that tastes like it used to (well to me the watery stuff was ‘how it used to taste’ – but you get the picture!) is available from our friends at Denhay.

Denhay bacon spends 10 days in its dry salt cure and another 10 days slowly maturing  – so what you’re buying with Denhay is just delicious bacon – and it is delicious!

George Streatfeild from Denhay has been curing bacon this way for years, which is part of the reason that both BBC Radio 2 and the Guardian Word of Mouth blog asked for George’s thoughts on the new legislation (the other part being Nickie telling them they should ask George as he’s the expert!) .  To hear what George thinks (for the next few days until it goes offline) click hear and listen on 1.34.52 and to read the Guardian Word of Mouth blog click here.

If you don’t want to know how much water you’re buying when you pick up a pack of cheap bacon then look away now…….well actually look away in about 2015 when the legislation comes in  – they’re a speedy bunch in Brussels!


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