The Sherborne Easter bunny

May 6, 2011 at 4:06 pm Leave a comment

Collectively at PPR there are about nine various types of diets, fads and health kicks being adhered to (which is quite a lot for only eight people!), so Joanne, aka the Sherborne Easter bunny, very kindly got us all a little gift to celebrate Easter – as an alternative to diet/fad ruining chocolate Easter eggs! (Don’t worry we had loads at home!)

As I’m saving up for my first house I received the ‘Capitalist Pig’ piggy bank! All black and complete with white chalk, with which I have written ‘house fund’ down the side.  I have decided to place it in a communal area at home – I’m even thinking of adding in chalk – ‘donations welcome!’

Nickie received her very own tea cup stating – ‘I’d rather be drinking champagne!’, Kirsty’s said ‘I’d rather be buying handbags’, Hollie, according to her mug would rather be buying shoes, and Abbie’s very aptly said she’d rather be at the beach – she’s less materialistic you see! Lol!

Briony received her very own piggy bank, but it is blue and spotty, and Katie received the very apt, designer chopping board shown in the picture, as she is a real kitchenware junky!

They will certainly last a lot longer than chocolate eggs would have!


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This Easter we will be mostly… A cut above………

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