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Last Monday I met Richard Hollingbery (owner, creator, and driving force behind Godminster) in Shoreditch for a photo shoot of delicious Godminster products for their new website.  It was a fascinating day and it really is magical to witness the time, care and attention lavished to make sure that the food photographed looks as good as it tastes.

Godminster’s whole range was photographed and each composition was created using an equal amount of dedication to finding just the right angle, light and positioning.  Godminster will be revealing the new photography on their brand new website very soon (I will post the link on here when it goes live) but until then, the slide show above gives a little sneak of the corner of some of the best shots to give you a taster!

As I mentioned on the last blog, Katie and Joanne went to Rösle for training on Friday at Chomette in Clapham.  The day started with a history lesson and ended with Katie peeling a cucumber!  They made potato wedges, crushed garlic, grated chocolate, cracked eggs, peeled tomatoes, sliced a pineapple, (bit of a strange recipe!) made some retro fruit cups – filled with melon balls and even made a mouse out of a radish using the Rösle decorating knife – just  another normal Friday afternoon then! Overall they left with one opinion – Rösle products are awesome!

This week is the official launch of Olive Et Al’s Deli of the Year competition. It’s not just about delis in the traditional sense though – it’s about the deli attitude  –  which is why the competition is open to delis, farm shops, village shops, post offices with a deli counter – anywhere with the deli attitude!  To find out more about the competition and to place your vote, visit the Deli of the Year website – here.


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There’s a real buzz about the place! A little something to brighten up your day…

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