The real truth about James!

November 18, 2010 at 11:57 am Leave a comment

Those of you reading this will know that this blog is normally written from James’ point of view, but while he is away on holiday, us girls (he is the only man in our office) thought it about time you knew the truth!  So over to us!

James eats EVERYTHING!!!!  As soon as a box of biscuits is open, cake sliced, cheese straws made or sandwiches bought for an office picnic, he is there and NOTHING gets left – apart from very delicious dark chocolate coated figs that Joanne brought back from her olive picking trip with Olives Et Al in Spain which he was never very keen on!

Sometimes you look over at his desk and he won’t be there, he’ll be on the FLOOR, having a quick lay down and a rest!

James LOVES Wasabi – so much so that he took a big spoonful of it at a meeting we had with a client to try a new menu – James thought it was guacamole and had to make a quick exit to stick his head under a tap!

He LOVES jokes, rapping, posing, taking the mickey out of Nickie and anyone else who happens to stop by his desk and he loves pretending to trip over, but most of all he loves Positive PR and everyone we work with (at least that’s what he tells us when he’s trying to sneak another piece of cake!).

So James – this blog is in honour of you, to tell a few home truths and to say thanks for being the honorary girl of our team!

Joanne, Briony, Abbie, Nickie, Katie, Hollie and Kirsty

Entry filed under: Winter 2010.

A picture speaks a thousand words Beer, curry, cake and a facial – sounds like the perfect Saturday night in!

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