Roll on Easter………

March 25, 2010 at 4:52 pm Leave a comment

This Monday I will be going along with Dan Wood from Blackacre Farm Eggs to a local school where we are holding Blackacre’s first ever Easter Egg rolling event. Before the children have a chance to roll their eggs they had to be hard boiled, meaning Joanne and Briony had a nice relaxing evening boiling eggs………..all 300 of them!

For more ………..

Katie has been working with Farm Stay UK to promote one of its farms in Wales. These are no ordinary farms though – if you’re thinking creaky floors and draughty bedrooms think again! With Farm Stay you get the real farm experience outside, but inside we’re talking five-star farm houses! Heritage Minister Alun Ffred Jones experienced a farm stay first-hand when he recently stayed at Cyfie Farm, a five-star Gold Award winner, at Llanfihangel near Llanfyllin in Powys, so if its good enough for Alun!

Nickie spoke to The Guardian’s Steven Morris about The White Hart’s ‘Toss up Tuesday’ and he loved the idea! Everyone has the chance of a free meal, depending on how the coin falls, heads means a free supper or tails and it’s paid for as usual! To see what Steven Morris thought……


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The biggest vote of all ……… This Easter weekend we will mostly be……

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